Bureo Skateboards made of discarded fishing nets!

How an idea becomes reality? How to create solutions out of currents environmental issues?
Skateboard & Ocean lovers out there this is for you!

Bureo designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards. Bureo’s innovative boards are manufactured in Chile through the team’s initiative, ‘Net Positiva’, Chile’s first ever fishnet collection & recycling program. Net Positiva provides fisherman with environmentally sound disposal points, while Bureo receives highly recyclable and durable raw materials. By offering recycled high quality products, Bureo enables ethically conscious consumers to support recycling development and job growth for local inhabitants.


The name ‘Bureo’ comes from the language of the Mapuche, the native Chileans, and means ´the waves’. Selected in honor of the Chilean people, the name represents our mission. Just as a wave originates from a disturbance of wind along the ocean surface, Bureo is starting with a small change in an ocean of plastic. Through time and energy, the waves of Bureo will develop the force required to cause real change.

The Bureo team was formed by three friends focused on finding solutions for the growing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and initiating social change. With lifelong passions for surfing and the environment, the team aims to continue the fight against ocean plastics and inspire others to find solutions through sustainable product design.


Bureo founded ‘Net Positiva’, a fishnet collection and recycling program aimed at combating the detrimental impacts of discarded fishing nets. A major threat to marine mammals and ecosystems, discarded fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of the ocean’s plastic pollution. Fishnets are a challenging material for fishermen to manage and properly dispose. In response, Net Positiva supports environmentally sound disposal points, from which Bureo is able to source highly recyclable and durable raw material.
Net Positiva was launched in Chile in November 2013. To date more than 10,000kg of derelict fishing nets have been collected and recycled. Recycled nets are sourced for the production of Bureo’s cruiser skateboards deck, The Minnow, the first skatedeck made from recycled marine debris.
Through Net Positiva, Bureo is creating positive solutions for harmful waste while supporting coastal communities and bringing awareness to a major threat to our oceans.
In addition to the fishnet collection program, Net Positiva is aligned with coastal clean-up and conservation efforts. Under this initiative, Bureo is connecting with non-profits and local communities across the US and Chile to support the removal of marine debris from our coasts.


“The Minnow”, the first skateboard deck made from recycled marine debris. This 25″ cruiser is paired with 30% veggie oil wheels and premium marine grade hardware to bring you a quality ride. Each skateboard prevents more than 30 square feet of harmful plastic fishnets from entering our oceans while providing support to local Chilean fishing communities.


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