Imagine if people were putting their focus, their energy, their choices and actions on positive attitudes and solutions!
How quickly the word will change!

What is Ocean Great Ideas?
Ocean great ideas is a website designed as a platform fed collectively by worldwide contributors and showcasing any Ocean related Good News, Creative solutions, Ocean inspired art forms, stories and Ocean Lovers sustainable positive attitudes and practices!

Photo credit, left: Sylvie Mastellone, center: Édouard Boubat, right: Ignacio Gonzalez

What is special about it?
Well what makes Ocean Great Ideas special and in fact quite radical is that: it is only featuring positive content. Also, no list of what you should do for the Ocean will be displayed. We believe it is far more powerful and inspiring to show you people doing things, embodying great practices and choices.

Why featuring only positive content?
We hurt as much as you do from the sad news of the tragic ecological distress the Ocean is going through. Yes it really hurts because as much as you do we love it and we care about it. There is no will on our side to undermine any of it or turn our back on the issues. But if the problems have more voice than the solutions, which has been dramatically the case to this day, then it is easy to feel there is very little hope. Look around at media content…the positive is so diluted that it seams non-existent. It’s like being sick but refusing to talk about any cure or to try anything different for the healing to happen.
But what about the solutions people are coming up with at individual, collective or national or international levels? What about the positives decisions that governance are taking in the sense of progress? What about the people living out from their own values and simply embodying healthy practices for the ocean? We need to move on towards the solutions and sustainable practices to start seeing more positive.
Really the good news, the great ideas and the solutions also deserve our attention. In fact the more we give attention the more we signify the governance, the media and the business industry that we want more of it. If the issues are mentioned on this website it is only as a context to present the solutions.
We create the reality we focus on, so let’s focus on the good and act on it for the Ocean and for us. It is this website commitment. Simple quantum physics in action.

Why is  Ocean Great Ideas showcasing people embodying positive attitudes and practices?
We are told what to do all the time on health, environment and many other important issues. It often makes people feel overwhelmed and pressured. We lose our ability of choice to comply, and if we don’t, we feel guilt. These feelings have proven to be quite ineffective to foster changes. But on the other hand, people from all countries and all backgrounds are getting inspired by each other and coming up with creative solutions. Challenges can be overcome by switching to positive choices and practices whenever it is possible.
Our purpose is to clearly shine the light on the good things already happening. Simply this website will not tell you what to do but will show you people doing it!
Yes we want to showcase people! People with positive attitudes, initiatives, and ideas, the amazing “doers” sometimes acting spontaneously without the pressure of organizations or governances. They embody the changes this world need more of. They also withhold the tremendous power of inspiring others around them! These Ocean Lovers have what it takes to create ripple effects and inspire care and resilience: Passion combined with Actions.

Why is Ocean Great Ideas a collective website fed by worldwide contributors?
We believe we get stronger, more creative, benefit form more insights and experience when we share. This website gathers Ocean Lovers with all sort of profile or background: marine biologists, movie directors, divers, free-divers, photographers, story tellers, curious travellers, coastal local residents, kids, parents and teachers but also YOU, me, all of us who are Ocean lovers often in the most genuine way. It is a community of enthusiastic people simply communicating their passion through their creations, their knowledge, their experiences, theirs stories or their insights on how we all can support a healthy Ocean.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” Mother Teresa

 “Given the capacities available to us, our wildest dreams and biggest hopes are probably too small” Van Jones

To be part of this community of Ocean Lovers become an Ocean Great Ideas Contributor: Contributors

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