Who can be a contributor?
You can! Simply everyone and anyone willing to share content. It can be personal content in the form of an article, video or photographs as contribution to Ocean Lovers profiles or to posts presenting positives practices in Great Ideas, art creations in An Ocean of Stories or material about a Marine Protected Area visited for Ocean Happy Places.
You can also contribute by forwarding us some great online content you come across. It can present movies, documentaries, books, children books or animation, videos, photographs about the Ocean, Marine life or MPA as well as articles, videos or photos reporting ideas or initiatives bringing creative solutions or presenting  positive decisions taken towards the issues faced by the Ocean.

Contributors Guideline
1 – Only positive content
Ocean Great Ideas wants to bring exposure to the solutions and to the good things already happening out there, even if they are not perfect or transposable everywhere. We absolutely want to keep this positive perspective. As much as we also care deeply about the bad news and environmental tragedies affecting the Ocean, we will not publish any content talking about them. All other websites are doing that and it actually represents a good 95% of environmental communication at a large scale. We just want to offer something different, an other perspective. In this website the issues will only mentionned as a context to present solutions and great ideas.

2 – Content showing stories and real people doing things! 
We are told what to do all the time on health, environment and many other important topics. It often makes us feel overwhelmed and pressured. We loose our ability of choice to comply or we feel guilt if we don’t do what is aksed. These feelings have proven to be quite ineffective to foster changes. We will not publish “any list of the things we have to do for the Ocean”. But on the other hand if you want to send us a few snapshots and a couple of lines about people doing them, embodying them go ahead! Send us real stories with real people that is precisely what we want to display!! We want to show that changes are possible and actually already happening!!

How will that go?
Easy and quick, all it takes it’s to send us your content of text, images or videos at:
Depending on the flow of the contributions we receive your post might be published on the same day or in the  following days after we receive it.

NB: If you are a contributor, we would love if you could send us an Ocean Lover profile. You can also reach out by communicating your personal relationship to the Ocean, by telling about a special moment you had by the Ocean, a  poem, a little story, simply what the Ocean means to you! Go check Ocean Lovers

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