The Team

Sylvie Mastellone Sylvie Mastellone
Founder, Great Ideas Seeker & Positive Sharer, Web & Design Visionary & Explorer, Solution Finding Enthusiastic Player, Big Time Ocean Lover
“Ocean Great Ideas is a project that I have carried in my heart for many years now. I grew up by the Ocean. I have lived some of the happiest moments of my childhood and of my life with nothing more than a pair of goggles and a swimsuit and later on, traveled the world to discover the wonders below the surface as much as the ones above, guiding and teaching diving for many years. I could witness how the Ocean of my childhood was being degraded and it hurt…
The story of this project started one day when while waiting at the dentist I read this quote from Mother Teresa “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there” .  It changed my life for ever. I realized that what we chose to feed with our energy, our words and actions we can make it grow. A few years later I enrolled an environmental communication and eduction program with a question in mind “how and why people change?”. I discovered that it has little to do with communication and education in fact and a lot to do with our values and what we believe in. I care about the Environment, the Ocean and very much care about people. We are one and the same. I truly believe we can overcome the challenges of our times and create a shift towards positive outcomes quickly. The great people and the solutions are there and will be there providing we give them our attention and support. This website embodies my soul’s purpose, my deepest believes and my love for the Ocean.”

Yulia GladyshevaYulia Gladysheva
Web & Creative Design Magic Maker; Talent, Smiles & Solutions Provider
Yulia came on board in 2014 with the initiation of this current version of the website. Clearly her expertise, dedication, immense creative talent for visuals and unfailing support as a web & design savior brought this project to life and allows it to fly.
“One day I came to Sylvie’s place for a cup of tea. She started talking about a project named “Ocean Great Ideas”, a website she had created and started designing the night before. She was very excited about it! I had built websites before, I knew how to do it. I could see she was going to need a hand so I began to help here and there. But soon I realized how much I was involved and touched by the core of this project: I learned a lot about the Ocean, I began to care and I was fascinated about the many people trying to protect it. And just like that I was part of Ocean Great Ideas. I believe this website will inspire many people to support and enjoy a healthy and beautiful Ocean”.
* As I write this I am sitting at the beach by the lake close to our house…my 2 girls just came running at me and yelling “Mom! Look at this plastic bottle! We got it from the lake!” and as they came they went to toss it in the closest garbage bin.

Paolo BelcastroPaolo Belcastro
Ultimate Web Guru Supporter
Paolo stepped in when Ocean Great Ideas project was still just an idea hoping to materialize one day. His trust and unconditional support as a friend and WordPress expert was and is a real blessing.


Saffron JensenSaffron Jensen
Beautiful Creative Designs & Logo Fairy
Saffron Jensen granted Ocean Great Ideas with the creative design of the first draft of this website initiated 4 years ago. The current logo is a variation of the one she created. Her collaboration was really precious and the visuals she provided were an inspiration for the current one.

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