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An exciting sci-fi novel for kids of all ages. Young teen learns to accept & love herself as she discovers who she really is…a SUPERHERO
An EXCITING sci-fi novel for kids of all ages. Young teen learns to accept & love herself as she discovers who she really is…a SUPERHERO / Ocean Great Ideas
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GILLS is a completed sci-fi novel (200+ pgs) I’ve written for pre-teens, teens, and young adults. It’s a story of self discovery, self-empowerment and self-acceptance – as the main character suddenly learns something very unique about herself! One day she is a typical student going to school and chatting on her phone, and the next day she is on a breathless adventure to save her life and the lives of her siblings.

Throughout GILLS is the theme of love & conservation of the ocean.
During the course of her adventures (this is Book ONE of the GILLS Trilogy) she discovers things about herself she could never have fathomed before, and learns to accept and love ALL parts of herself.

GILLS as a metaphor for self acceptance
The story of Gills is a metaphor for what every child, teen, and person goes through in life as we learn to discover, embrace and love who we actually are. Most all of us have experienced at some point disliking parts of ourselves, only to discover later that those very parts are some of our best attributes! The characters in GILLS experience this type of realization and awakening throughout the book.

No gratuitous violence
Our heroine learns to trust her instincts and she does protect herself …but without page after page of gory violence that seems to pervade so many books marketed to kids and young adults today.

Fun to read
I’ve already given GILLS to a number of teens and pre-teens for their feedback. I asked for their two main thoughts about the book and they replied with variations of the following:
“So Fun! Can’t wait to see what happens next – when can I get book TWO?”
“I felt good after reading it!”

I realized that with the rampant marketing of violence to children it’s important to remember that kids might not want all that horrendous violence and mayhem in the books they read.

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