Ocean Lover: Dana

What an incredible Feeling

I swim,
I dive,
The sea and soul from the rubbish I clean.

What a feeling
Not the single day the same!

I swim,
I dive,
Massaged by waves,
Relaxed by currents!

What a feeling!
One move,
One turn
Yoga poses in return.

The Mind grows.
Reason froze,
Love flourishes
After each move
Water leads to Freedom.

What an incredible feeling
To be a part of the water,
Part of the wave,
Part of the world of inner-self
And the one of Space,
Part of the feeling so powerful,
called Love…
…I share with all –
– with Universe, the planets,
living beings
people dear, dearest and loved ones
far away in some moments.

What a glorious feeling.
to share what’s on my mind,
in my heart and soul,
with fish and yet with the World whole!
D. K.


Following the Istrian Reefs

Following the Istrian reefs
I remember
Those from other seas
From the oceans ….

I swim
Following the Istrian reefs,
I enjoy

I dive
Following the Istrian reefs
I recognize
My underwater friends
I’ve got less here …
On Istrian reefs
But under the oceans
… under the oceans

…”The tide of” fish and goldfish,
“Forest” of corals and Christmas trees,
creatures small and large ..
. … under the oceans,
My dearest friends –
– Divas whalesharks,
long-lived turtles

On Istrian reefs,
underwater “garden” of sea urchines,
shell crabs,
a few shells, a fiew types of fish,
the season of sea stars didn’t start yet ,
neither or jellyfish,
turtles a bit,
some sponges,
some corals,
no shark, whale shark occasional but very far,
I hear the dolphins, I hear speedboats engines …
… all in all not a crowd

But on the Istrian reefs and rocks
“The sea” of tourists

On Istrian reefs,
Traces of history rich and long,
The remains of villa rustica,
Footsteps of dinosaures …

Following the Istrian reefs
I learn,

Following the Istrian reefs
I swim
I dive but float,
I breath but enjoy yoga

Following the Istrian reefs
I follow the cosmic rhythms
And I see and know

Following the Istrian reefs as well as ocean’s,
I’m part of the cosmic currents and waves
Part of the Universal Mind,
Part of atoms, part of light and holiness and words…
Part of cosmic love


Ocean Great IdeasDana Kovacic: Was born away from the oceans, deep on Balkan peninsula but close to the river Nishava, the Zavojsko lake, the Black, Aegean and Adriatic sea. She was also naturally born for dance, design, medias and foreign languages, graduated Law, but worked as ski and water-sports instructor, GRO, radio journalist, tour rep and never dreamed that snorkelling instructions and guiding will be the best job ever!


Ocean Great IdeasAfter moving from one destination to another,  from one sea to another, from one ocean to another, from one island resort to another for work and living, she is now based on the Istria peninsula, at the croatian coastal village of Banjole, close to the Cape Kamenjak from where she tailors and guides tours through the Istrian magical coastal and hilltop’s towns as a licensed tour guide. She combines classical cultural historical tours with activities like cycling, hiking, running, horse riding, snorkelling, diving, sailing, parasailing, paragliding, flying, hot balloon flying, canoeing…

Ocean Great IdeasAlthough “awaken” for a long time now, aware that one deep breath connects your inner you, your soul with the whole Universe and calms you down, she feels that the best while diving and yoging in the water, moving slowly with currents feeling her aura increasing and her mind more opening, more creative and more free to express herself better in different kind of art.



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  1. I’m so happy my poem was published on this site of trully lovers of life, of oceans and water, of Earth, of Universal Love. The words and verses of this poem came to my mind last Wednesday, suddenly while I swam, snorkelled and dived over the Istrian reef of Teradige Bay, Croatia.
    It wasn’t the first time I’ve got inspired poetically during the diving or snorkelling but these verses I’ve got to put on paper.
    I’de lived for ten years in the Maldives with my family, where in some resorts my husband Boris and I used to run watersports centres. While we lived and worked in former White sands resort, running the Dolphin Watersports Centre for three years I was in charged for Snorkelling section, and although I am a diver too, I so enjoyed as a snorelling instructor and guide, following the reefs of South Ari Atoll, famous as a rare spot on the Earth where it’s possible to see, dive or snorkel with more than one whaleshark.
    Following the edge of some reef you really move with the cosmic’s waves and you really become aware of the fact that one is a part of a big One – Universe, Universal Mind, Universal Energy and Universal Love!
    Thank you Sylvie for this unique opportunity to share the same feelings and intentions regarding this life on the Earth, oceans and Univers!

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    • Hooo Dana we are honoured you were happy to share your poem on this website on its first day sailing out!! You were our first official contributor after the launching. Your words speak beautifully of the Ocean, I feel I am there in the water following the reef…
      I know it is a good omen for this website to have you on board, Consider Ocean Great Ideas your home 🙂


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