An Ocean Stories: “Sea of Love” 3D IMAX film teaser

Stay tuned for the launch of “Sea of Love” and in the meantime enjoy these spectacular humpback whales footage of the Sea of Love 3D IMAX film teaser.

This is a 2D (left eye) from 3D teaser for Sea of Love 3D IMAX film, which is currently in development.
The entire footage was shot with two 3Deep housings that won the top international award for innovation earlier this year in the USA.
Up until now, capturing cinema-quality images underwater, especially in 3D, has meant large, cumbersome and expensive equipment, large camera crews, and images dramatically degraded by the underwater optics available. It’s made it almost impossible for film-makers to get close to the very creatures they’re trying to film. And it’s never been possible to capture images that match the quality you can get above water.

Our inventions change all that. Instead of following the tradition of using large glass plates or domes in front of lenses designed for use on land, Achtel has adapted the latest digital cameras and used lenses designed specially for the very different optical conditions underwater. As a result, for the first time ever, the images from our camera systems produce pin-sharp, undistorted images suitable for the biggest cinema screens in the world. Unique custom optical filtering was applied to achieve improved water clarity as well as better blue colour definition. The teaser was conformed, 3D aligned, colour matched and graded at Sound Firm in Sydney (at Fox Studios) using the first 4k Mistika system in Australia. Enjoy!

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