Ocean Lover: Sylvie

Kids on the beach / Ocean Great IdeasI was born in the south of France near Marseille. My dad is French and my mother is Spanish. As a child I spent a lot of time by the Mediterranean Sea of both the southern coasts of France and Spain with friends and family in fun tribal gatherings. My father had me swimming in the ocean before I was even able to walk and talk, creating very early the family myth that  “Sylvie is a fish”. Without a single doubt my childhood brought the foundation to my life-long and unconditional passion for the ocean.

I have lived some of the happiest moments of my childhood and of my life with nothing more than a pair of goggles and a swimsuit. Indeed later on, I have traveled the world to discover the wonders below the surface as much as the ones above, guiding and teaching diving for many years. I love exploring and finding fascinating marine creatures…no need to touch anything, just being there in the blue.
My favourite Ocean moment: Always the first couple of seconds after my head sinks under the surface….suddenly the silence, the feel of the water on my face, the immediate serenity from the water surrounding me. Then I belong to an other world….the Ocean world.
More recently I discovered the thrill of winds and waves playing with a kite and got to dig more into the magic of Free-diving. Free-diving has always been in my dreams, often with whales and now, more than ever, it’s in my life.

I cherish the moments I have had by or in the Ocean….endless hours playing, being curious, exploring, swimming or diving with indescribable joy and an exhilarating sense of freedom.
Yes, to me the Ocean is freedom. Instantaneously I feel home.
La Mer, El Mar is a vast and beautiful place of raw energy and incredible peace that moves me deeply and beyond words.

Photo source: Sylvie Mastellone

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