Ocean Lovers: Alan & the Tofino Community

I sit at a table in the Great Room of Longbeach Lodge in Tofino, the windows reach from floor to ceiling treating me to an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. The offshore breeze assists the waves in standing high, providing them with a wispy quiff of mist.

Bodies wrapped in tight neoprene bob around waiting for their moment of joy, occasionally rising to the fun of a curling wave that carries them closer to shore, setting them down in the refreshing ions of the crashing waves.
If I’m lucky, I will see Whales off the coast, perhaps an Orca fin, or a Grey whale spout.

Whale watching is a popular activity for those visiting the town of Tofino, there are a plethora of companies offering tours that can deliver some lucky visitors a glimpse into the eye of the special creatures. One of which offers water transport on an electric boat.
Conversations around me carry an air of excitement, tourists enveloped in the innocent joy, experienced by the recent whale sightings and emanating a kind of peace that appear to have eluded them in their city life. No one wants to return ‘home’, perhaps being this close to nature is home?

Tofino is situated at the end of a narrow peninsular on the West Coast of Vancouver Island with ocean on both sides. There is only one road in and the same road out, which helps with preservation of the beautiful landscape here. No one ‘passes through’ Tofino.

Living in harmony with nature, surrounded by the oceans and unaffected by light pollution we become attuned to the rhythms of our planet. The movements of our stars and moon become more prominent and the effects of the moon on our oceans are very obvious.
As we remove the distractions of our modern world we are reminded of the complexities and wonderment of nature and the cosmos. The waters continue to rise and fall regardless of what is happening in the news. The moon continues to disappear and re-appear like clockwork, more reliable than our man made timekeepers. The landscape is constantly moving, shaped by the ocean and the wind.

Living in nature we can understand the importance of it all.
Nature supplies us with the tools to live, the tools to survive and the clues to health. It teaches us that we are nature, and nature is us. Our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water, this water is affected by the movements of the planets, just as the tide is.

Living so intertwined with the ocean attunes us the movements of planets aligns us with our true essence, slowing us down to the rhythms of nature.
It’s currently high tide and a new moon, I wonder if I would know that, if I lived in the city?


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